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Contributing Experts

We tend not to use the term ‘expert’ in education. Teachers, governors and other staff seem to be inherently reluctant to self-identify with the idea that they are somehow the finished article in terms of their knowledge and practice. This may in part be a result of having had to respond to a rapidly changing landscape: externally in terms of schools’ structures and governance, and internally in terms of curriculum content, assessment arrangements and inspection regimes. Also a feature of the strongest practitioners is the desire to continually strive to learn and develop to maximise impact.

We are committed to distilling the best practice to disseminate and share. We are intentionally using the term ‘expert’ to highlight that our contributors are drawn from a range of educational disciplines and are all highly skilled practitioners. They have all made a demonstrable difference to outcomes for schools and thus made a sustainable impact on children and young peoples' lives through their work.

If you would like to feature as one of our expert contributors please contact us.